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Interested in having your Daughter play Club Volleyball with us this Season?
Attend our (2nd and final) Parent INFO Night!
Sunday, October 23rd at 5:30pm
(If you missed our 1st info night, we are having a 2nd chance for you to attend.  If your daughter has never played Club Volleyball before or this is her first time Trying out for the Xplosion Volleyball Club, it is IMPERATIVE you attend this meeting prior to Tryouts and Commitment night to get ALL the details about our entire season, club fees and payment schedules, tournament dates, practices, etc....
It is virtually impossible for us to respond to all the individual calls and emails asking the same questions between now and Commitment night.  On both our Tryout weekend and commitment night, we are anticipating a high amount of players and parents in attendance all at one time.  Therefore, trying to get us to explain all the details of our club in person can be a challenge.) 

     We encourage ALL parents to attend our Parent info Meeting to be held at Xplosion's Training Facility located at 7505 11th St. in Tracy.  Get ALL your questions answered including our fees for the season, payment plans, tournament dates, possible game locations, uniforms, fundraising opportunities, etc....  Whether you are remotely interested or your 100% sure in having your daughter Tryout and possibly play Club Volleyball with us this season, attending this meeting is an Absolute Must!

Our next Volleyball Clinic is this
SUNDAY, Oct. 23rd

Session One, 1pm-3pm for 5th-8th graders.
Session Two, 3pm-5pm for all High School ages.

@ the Xplosion Training Facility located at 7505 11th St. in Tracy
Clinics are $25 per player clinic.

Click here to Register!

Our LAST Clinic after next Sunday will be:

Sunday Oct. 30th
(same exact format and times as the current clinic posted)

Registration for Tryouts will be posted soon.

All TRYOUTS for all Age Groups will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 5th & 6th.  Make-Up Tryouts will only follow during the following week, only if a Spot or a position within a team is still available.  All actual time slots for each Age Group will be posted soon!  It is Highly recommended and encouraged to have your daughter attend our clinics during the month of October especially if she plans on trying out for one of our teams prior to the Tryout weekend.

*Private Lessons
- for Private lessons contact Coach Rosa rosa@xplosionvolleyball.net

*Commitment Night/Signing Night will take place Monday evening, November 13th! 

Special Thanks to ALL the Kids who attended our Summer Camps!
(Our Next 3-day Camp will most likely Thanksgiving week or during the Winter break!)

Spring Classic 2016 Division 17 CHAMPIONS!
Petunia Winners!!!  Congratulations 17-1's.


Presidents Tournament 2016 is Now in the Books!
Special Thanks this weekend to Manu, Margie, Becky, Chris, Billie, and everyone else who contributed in San Mateo to make the Tailgating such a huge success!

Photo Package for PICTURES can still be Ordered this WEEK!

(optional) Photo Package is $25 per player
(Photo package will include 1-Team Photo, 2-5"x7" & 8-Wallets)

Xplosion SWAG
is Now Available For Sale!

14-1's CHAMPIONS of their Bracket for Cal Kickoff 2016

16-1's take 2nd Place Overall in 16 Club Division
@ Cal Kickoff Tournament 2016

New for 2016 - Xplosion Training Facility
The XTF is Currently Available for Rent!  Want more details?  Call 209-640-1442 or email omar@xplosionvolleyball.net

2015-2016 Season


Below you will find some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Volleyball Club.  If you still have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call. 

Club Fees for 2015-
 This year, our Club fee cost for U14’s, U15’s, U16’s, U17’s & U18’s will be $2,200 per player for the 2015-2016 Season.  U12’s & U13’s the cost will be $1,900.00 per player) .

An Initial down payment in the amount of $600 will be Due on the Day of Signing, which is Monday, November 16, 2015.

4 equal payments in the amount of $400 each ($325.00 for U12’s & U13’s)  will be due on the 5th of each month starting in January, and then followed by February 5th, March 5th and April 5th…….ADDITIONAL Terms or Special Arrangements can also be made if needed.  Please contact me directly.  We can and will make Separate and Private Arrangements.

Uniforms- A Uniform Package is in included in the Club fee.  A Uniform Package consists of 2 jerseys (2 different colors), 1 spandex, 2 pairs of socks, 1 set of knee pads, a backpack and a set of Warm-ups.  It also includes all the necessary screen printing, numbering and embroidery as needed.  It does NOT include Tennis Shoes.

Coaches Expenses- Coach’s expenses are expenses that they incur by necessary Hotel stays, Bridge tolls, Parking, Overnight Meals, etc...  Since these costs can differ from team to team, these expenses are not included in the Club fees.  These expenses will be added towards the end of the season and then divided by the number of participants from each team.  Every year, I have been able to float these expenses until about 1 week prior as we are about to depart to Reno in mid to late April, at which time I then collect.  This year, due to the large amount of teams that we might have, it may be way too much for me to float.  So I might need to collect two separate times.  (In previous years, our Coaches Expense Fees have averaged $150 per player for the entire season)

Practices – Each team is expected to practice twice a week for at least 2 hours a day.  Practice locations can sometimes vary, but most practices will be within Tracy City limits.

On certain occasions as it has in the past, our practices might have to be moved to different time, date or location, due to mainly unforeseen circumstances.

Practice schedules will be posted on our Website as soon as they can and will be updated periodically.  Practices will begin right after the Thanksgiving week.  Therefore they shall practice approx. 2 to 3 weeks in December.  Break for Winter Holidays, and then resume the first week in January after New Years.  Our practices will continue every week until our season ends.  Most teams this year will end by the first weekend in May.  May 8th, 2015.

Tournaments - Our tentative playing schedules for each team is now Posted on our website at www.XplosionVolleyball.net.

*All participants must hold a current NCVA Membership to participate.  If you are not a current member, please Log on to the NCVA website at www.NCVA.com and apply for a New Membership.  If you need help with this, please fell free to give us a call.

Attention Volleyball Coaches.  Xplosion Volleyball is constantly growing.  Therefore, if you are looking for an Opportunity to possibly become part of our Amazing Coaching Staff for our 2015-2016 season, please contact us.

Pictures from last Season, 2014-2015

We will Post the rest of the Month of February as soon as we can Confirm.


2013-2014 Past Season
15-1's @ Spring Classic in San Mateo

16-1's @ Spring Classic in San Mateo

14-2's @ Tracy High School

14-2 @ Premier #1 at Tracy High School!

14-2 TEAM @ Presidents Tournament!
(This picture was taken immediately after thier last game as they lost the Match in game 3.  11-15.  As you can see, these girls are happy and thankful just to be together playing the game of volleyball).
Thank you Parents for all your support!

14-1 Team @ Presidents Tournament
(as they get their picture taken for Winning their Bracket)
Congratulations 14-1 Team!

16-1 Team @ Presidents Tournament
TEAM USA (aka Xplosion 16-1) Beats CANADA!


14-2's at their Qualifier in Alameda!

14-1's @ their Qualifier in Sacramento!

16-1's the day of Signing.

XPLOSION SWAG is still available.

T-Shirts, Caps, Headbands,
Beanies & Hooded Sweat Shirts

Announcing the Coaching Staff for 2014-2015

Kalani Vaughns
Kalani is our youngest member who is currently playing for the Mustangs at Delta Valley College.  She recently graduated from West High School in 2013 where she played 4 years consecutively on her high school team.  1 for Freshman, 1 for JV and 2 for Varsity.  During that time she has also played Club for 3 years (2 with the Valley Rebels and 1 with Levili).

Rosalinda Rodriguez
          Coach Rosa started her volleyball career in high school as she played on her High School Team for 4 years. Her first year on the JV team and the other 3 on Varsity.  As she attended UC Santa Cruz where she graduated from, she played 1 year of an Interschool league.....After that, she then took an approximate 20 year hiatus from the volleyball scene.  20 years later, she was approached by a friend to Co-Coach a high shool team at Tracy High.  From the moment she re-started, she immediately became infected.  She caught the disease.  A disease that is know to be highly contageous and infectious.  That disease, some of you may also have it and most of you, if you haven’t already, will get too.
That disease is called, Volleyball-i-tus.

Since then she has been the JV coach for the past 5 seasons.  Her current JVs team overall record this year so far is 11-1 with a 4-0 record in league.  In addition to her high school career, she has also coached a total of 3 Club Volleyball teams in recent years.  2 years as a U14’s Coach and 1 as a U16's Coach.


Chuck Sterni
         Coach Sterni started coaching various Volleyball teams at Banta Elementary School for a total of 5 years.  Last year he  Coached a U15’s Club Team for the Valley Rebels.  This season he entered the High School coaching scene at Kimball High school as he was hired to coach their JV Team.  In his Rookie year as the JV Coach, the Teams current League record is now 4-3.

Below this section are a few pictures from Last year's Season.

16's WIN their Division @ the Far Westerns Qualifier in Reno
Finishing in 37th place out of 137 Teams in the American Division!

14's @ Far Westerns Qualifier in Reno on 4/21/13.

16's take Home 1st Place again in Power Play #2 on 3/24/13.

14's take Home 1st place in Power Play #1.  3/3/13

Results are in: 16's take 1st Place in POWER Play #1.  Good job Ladies!

Here are the 14's Team @ the Presidents Volleyball Tournament in San Mateo.
.....and Thank you Coach Alena for Coaching the girls this weekend.

16's WIN 1st Place in their Division at the Cal-Kick Off Tournament in San Jose 1/21/13.

14's Xplosion Volleyball Team for 2013

16's Xplosion Volleyball Team for 2013


Please check our Website periodically for last minute schedule and venue changes.


The Xplosion Volleyball Club is always looking for experienced Coaches and Assistant Coaches.  If you are interested in becoming a coach for one of our Xplosion Volleyball teams, please email the Club Director at omar@xplosionvolleyball.net

If you would like detailed information about our Club, please email all your questions or concerns to omar@xplosionvolleyball.net

       If you would like detailed information about our Club, please email all your questions or concerns to
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